Recruitment Services

Attract. Develop. Deploy.

Over the years, getting the right hands for specific business operations has been a major concern for employers and decision makers at management level. The time, cost and energy expended as a result of the challenges and implications of this process makes it the foremost bottleneck when it comes to staff management.

ICS Limited as the leading professional recruitment agency in Nigeria specializing in the recruitment of permanent, contract and temporary positions on behalf of the top companies in Nigeria and the world.

Having been in the terrain since 1994, ICS is positioned to provide timeless HR Outsourcing solutions to this global menace. Our extensive pool of choice professionals which cut across diverse backgrounds, areas of specializations and industries are deployed to our clients to provide excellent service delivery and cutting edge expertise on demand.

At ICS, we offer a wide range of unparalleled recruitment services through expert manpower and strategic talent management & hiring procedures aimed at attracting, developing and deploying the best hands for the job. These include:

  • Executive Search and Selection- This allows us to recruit any level of staff; from shop floor staff to Managing Director
  • Graduate Recruitment -This offering allows us attract and recruit graduate trainees and entry level staff based on client criteria
  • Semi skilled workers – Drivers, Dispatch, Factory workers etc.
  • Global Talent Hunt- Our global talent hunt is the platform from which we recruit on global stage. We can recuit any qualification/specifications of foreign expatriates for clients.
  • Aptitude and Competence Assessment (Computer Based Test)- Our computer based testing infrastructure is comparable to the best in the country. We presently run local and international computer based tests on this platform
  • Psychometric Test (SHL) -We have partnered with the global leaders in computer testing SHL to develop the ICS-SHL-CPA psychometric testing platform. This is a first in Africa and it allows clients to access the personalities of the candidates they seek to employ. We also have ICS authored tests that allow us meet varied needs of our clients.
  • Career Counseling – We don’t just recruit and drop. We develop our staff under the “staff management” through various counseling and career improvement through our highly specialized LMS.

Do you want to reduce cost & waste; increase speed,efficiency and profit margin?